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Another FESPA Eurasia , Another MATBAA&TEKNİK issue about inkjet.

We are excited for this fair, just like we are excited for other fairs about inkjet.

Because regardless of our subject –offset, flexo, folding carton, corrugated label or textile– inkjet is always the star.

Our new star of the big printing movie is inkjet.

We started our P4 INKJETMAGAZINE in 2015. It was and still is Turkey’s first and only online printing technology magazine.

The numbers are surprising. The number of visitors is beyond our expectations. Not only the number of visitors but also the diversity of the news that are read, the time of reading and the number of direct visitors are impressive.

We owe this success to the fairs that we participated; the effort spent for publicity, and social media support.

But for us, the most important event in Istanbul is still FESPA Eurasia.

FESPA Eurasia is growing and in the meantime number of visitors and their level of satisfaction are increasing.

This increase should be more because we believe that FESPA Eurasia is unrivaled or at least the one and only fair that is designed and practiced right in İstanbul and Eurasia.

It is true that MATBAA&TEKNİK is a commercial magazine but we put vocational training before trading. Maybe that’s because I am a teacher as well as the director of both magazines. Education must be put ahead, therefore industries can grow properly. Especially if the people are artisans. While that experience is conveyed into technology, education is our most important support .

This is why we congratulate FESPA for its source and ARED for its educational support.

We would like to see all inkjet suppliers and producers at FESPA Eurasia.

Hope to see you at our stand A58…


M. Akif Tatlısu



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