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Bigprinter about Bigshine!

Bigprinter about Bigshine!

BIGSHINE is the world’s first technology to print sequins!
Nowadays, the main problem in the advertising market is to stand out from the competition. Any UV printer in the world, whether it’s expensive or cheap, produces normal printing with a difference only in the print speed and for the customer is difficult to see the quality differences. The company BIGPRINTER has created a BIGSHINE technology to change the usual understanding of advertising! BIGSHINE is the world’s first technology to print sequins! This technology has no analogues in the world.

BIGPRINTERKey elements and benefits of BIGSHINE technology:
Fascinating brilliant effect
Any area(s) of the images can be masked out of the effect
Any area (s) of the image can be highlighted with the BIGSHINE effect
The printable area with the BIGSHINE effect can be in any size
Ability to select any color
The dynamic effect of glittering sparkles produces a lasting impression

The Range Of Applications:
Perfumery and cosmetics Stores
Jewelry Stores
Luxury clothing and footwear Stores

BIGSHINE technology is designed for the most ambitious, creative and demanding customers who looking for unusual solutions for the accomplishment of their plans!

BIGPRINTER’s distributor is Grensan for Turkey…