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2016’daki Başarılı Fuarı Takiben FESPA Eurasia 2017 Katılımcıları Stand Alanlarını Genişletti

FESPA Eurasia 2017

Bölgenin geniş format dijital baskı, serigrafi baskı, tekstil baskı, konfeksiyon süsleme ve endüstriyel reklam sektörleri için düzenlenen fuarı FESPA Eurasia 2017, 7-10 Aralık tarihleri arasında beşinci fuarıyla CNR EXPO’da olacak. Son beş yıldır FESPA Eurasia, ziyaretçi oranını %18 büyüterek, Avrasya bölgesinde geniş format dijital baskı ve tekstil baskı pazarları için lider etkinlik olduğunu kanıtladı. FESPA Eurasia 2016, 8.323 tekil ziyaretçiyi ...

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Press Vercors’ Environmentally Friendly Digital Cutting System

The weekly Verdigris blog by Laurel Brunner A small company located in central southeastern France is seeing environmental improvements through the use of a digital cutting system. They’re using it to do specialist cutting on demand for both digital and offset printing workflows. However the Polar digital cutting machine is not the start of Press Vercors’ environmental journey. Since 2004 ...

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Geleceğin Baskı Teknolojileri Printtek 2017’de Keşfedilecek


Matbaa dünyası 4-8 Ekim 2017 tarihleri arasında Printtek 2017 ‘de Tüyap’da geleceğin baskı teknolojilerini keşfetmek için buluşuyor. Türkiye ve Avrasya Bölgesine yönelik baskı teknolojileri, malzemeleri ve kağıt endüstrilerinin en önemli ve en kapsamlı buluşması olan PRINTTEK 2017, 13. ULUSLARARASI BASKI TEKNOLOJİLERİ VE KAĞIT FUARI; 4-8 Ekim 2017 tarihleri arasında TÜYAP Fuar ve Kongre Merkezi, Büyükçekmece/İstanbul’da kapılarını ziyaretçilere açacak. Matbaacılık sektörünün nabzının atacağı en etkin ...

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Not So Fantastic Plastic

The weekly Verdigris blog by Laurel Brunner Part of Coca-cola’s recent announcement to be more environmentally friendly includes a campaign “to encourage people to recycle and dissuade littering”, said Nick Brown, head of sustainability at Coca-Cola European Partners. The company produces over 100 billion plastic bottles per year and is making a massive contribution to the plastic littering plaguing the ...

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Closing the Circle

As we all know, process control is fundamental to every aspect of the circular economy. But publishers, printers and all other players in media supply chains can only benefit, if they can work out a solid business model and make money from it. In order to do this several structural elements must be in place. The first is widespread consumer ...

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Calculating Cost per Printed Page

It’s the thing that appears to matter most for companies considering an investment into digital printing, be they printers or print buyers. It’s the primary reason why offset continues to command such a healthy lead over digital printing. But calculating the cost per printed page is also the thing that is least understood and most fraught with ambiguity. If we ...

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Retail Sector Setting the Scene

Marks & Spencer, a global retailer best known for knickers, socks and divine foods, has recently reported on progress with its Plan A. The 107 environmental commitments enshrined in this plan were originally outlined in 2014, with a goal of achieving them all by 2025. So far 64 have been achieved with a further 25 on track, 11 lagging and ...

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Pushing Ahead with Deinking

The work on ISO 21331, the ISO standard for assessing the deinkability potential of printed matter, is mired in industry politics. However the market really doesn’t care a jot and is moving on regardless. This is a problem for the maneuvering politicians in the paper industry because it means that the market is shifting further away from current practises. The ...

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Partnering for the Environment

The weekly Verdigris blog by Laurel Brunner Efforts to improve the environmental footprint of print take many forms. However the only ones likely to make a difference generally coincide with commercial interests. Owners of such efforts are in a slippery position in that they potentially lay themselves open to charges of greenwashing and exploitation, no matter how sincere their offerings. ...

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