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Dear Friends and Colleaques,

I know, you’re wondering… What’s happening in Turkey?

I hear a lot of this question recently and I understand very well why you ask. Because I watch the news channels like CNN, BBC that you watch. I watch with surprise. Because news sources are mostly dirty and they publish comments, not news.

I shall summarize briefly to you.

The State is very strong in Turkey. It suffered from all kinds of anomalies. The state has normalized everything.

With Euphrates Shield Operation, it made its borders safe. There is no danger of terrorism in Turkey anymore. ISIS, PKK, YPG, DHKPC or any terrorist organization cannot do any terrorist activity in Turkey.

In July 2016, there was a coup attempt. The state has also destroyed it at the same night. Today, supporters are still being identified and controlled by the state.

There are two big lies: One, Journalists are in prison. All those in prison are criminalized against the state. There are no real journalists jailed for writing articles freely. The second lie is Erdogan is a Dictator. No, if he were, you would not find anyone to insult Erdogan freely. The numbers are so numerous that …

There was a referendum last month. 49 million voters voted. By the ballot boxes there were observers from each political party. Everything was immaculate and done under the rule of law. The end of the referendum is a situation that Turkey should be interested in, not the other states. And it is not a situation that could create a political crisis as of today. Turkey’s first election will be done in 2019.

Besides, trade has nothing to do with politics. I refuse this. Because, people who do not like the State Administration are trying to sell machinery and materials to the State. Because the trade is going on.

Today, Turkey is the 17th largest economy in the world. It is a country that makes huge investments. Economic development and expansion continue.

Istanbul, Izmir, Hatay, Gaziantep or any city is not more dangerous than London, Brussels, Paris or Vienna. Put your hand in your pocket and walk as you wish. Visit factories, printing houses. See tourist attractions. Go to the historic churches, the monastery. Go to the south-eastern provinces where there are traces of Christianity, Judaism and Muslims. Confidently.

I don’t believe people who say, “We are afraid of going to Turkey.”

This month 68 Turkish companies will be participating in the interpack fair in Düsseldorf. We will be there. Soon to follow and participate in FESPA in Hamburg. There are people going to Essen for MetPack. If you come across them, ask: How safe is your trip to Turkey? We look forward to your coming to Istanbul for Printtek and Packaging Eurasia and FESPA Eurasia in the fall.

But especially in May we expect you in Istanbul. Tulip time in Istanbul and Judas trees in Bosphorus. Everywhere smells great.

All printing markets are growing. You will have to come here to get a share from this growing, for a beautiful summer vacation escape.

Turkey is growing, do not miss this opportunity. Listen to real business comments from your business partners, not dirty political comments. We are expecting you in Istanbul, the capital city of printing and economy.


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