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Dear PR and Marketing Expert Friends,

Last month on this column, I had mentioned to you about the developments in Turkey.

The private meetings I attended last month in Germany at interpack and FESPA expos proved me right. None of the producers who do business with Turkey are interested in Turkey’s internal or external political developments. They seemed to be especially happy about the referendum results. Because we only need one thing to improve our business.

A stable and reliable market.

Turkey is exactly this type of market. It’s a nation that has completed its development in many areas and continuing its development in printing industry. Furthermore it’s reliable and Istanbul is still a center of attraction for the global printing industry. Just as in tourism.  Turkey’s printing capital Istanbul is continuing to be a new dawn for the global market.

This month, I would like to summarize it for you.  As Turkey’s and shining star Istanbul’s biggest sectoral prints group, how are we helping you?

As the publisher of MATBAA&TEKNIK (Print and Publishing Magazine), our company started sectoral publishing in 1983. Its first magazine was Tekstil&Teknik, the most important publishing for one of Turkey’s main engines, the Textile industry.  When it comes to printing industry:

We are a group who represent our industry from all corners.

MATBAA&TEKNIK: Our General Printing Technologies magazine.  It is still the most trusted magazine for commercial, label, packaging, screen printing and digital printing fields.  Since 1996,

Dijital&Teknik: Our wide format printing technologies magazine. It analyzes industrial advertising, outdoor, indoor applications and printing techniques.  Since 2003,

PRINT ON DEMAND: Our print on demand technology magazine. Analyzes all electro-photographic and inkjet printing technologies and today’s trend of on demand packaging, label, books and other printing.  Since 2005,

P4 INKJET MAGAZINE: It focuses on four main printing area based on inkjet.  Its main motto is Print4Life. Its areas are industrial, functional, textile and 3D printing. It is Turkey’s first online printing magazine. Since 2015,

With these and Tekstil&Teknik in total we publish 27 magazines. We do this work for printing industry in the heart of our business, Istanbul.

We have a staff capacity of 80 employees.  With this staff besides producing 27 magazines, we also organize important fairs. We are very effective in our region with our Solarex, Tube and other such fairs.

We are very happy to be accompanied by Europe’s important PR firms and working with important fair organizations, helping Europe’s biggest producers to market their products.

If your business is printing, whatever your technology is, continue to be moving forward with us.

Kind Regards





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