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Francois Martin to Headline IPEX ‘Print in Action’ Conference

The next evolutionary step after digitisation for printers, their customers and the market as a whole is to move from business models focused on products and services to those that leverage networks and platforms. Senior Industry Consultant and former HP GSB world-wide marketing director Francois Martin will outline facts and highlight trends that can help printers plan for and embrace this change in a pragmatic way. The digital journey, he explains, is not a short one: this is just the beginning, and its path takes us way beyond technology.

When: 31-Oct-2017
Where: Centre Stage
Print In Action Conference

Introducing Keynote Speaker, Francois Martin, Independent Senior Graphic Industry Consultant and Digital Print Evangelist. Having spent 12 years with HP, Francois has gained considerable insight into the challenges print service providers face in today’s changing world, and has played an instrumental role in the ongoing growth of digital printing.

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