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“Great Ideas with Limited Resources”

The FINAT Young Managers Club (YMC) announces the full programme of its second summit. Open to both YMC members and non-members under the age of 40, this year’s edition will be held at the Hilton hotel, Warsaw, Poland on 7-8 November 2013.

Since its origin in 2009, FINAT’s YMC club has grown significantly and currently represents a dynamic and truly international group of 73 of young entrepreneurs under -40, representing companies, indirect or direct suppliers and converters alike, that play an active role in the global labeling value chain.


“These future leaders of our industry find in the Young Managers Club an ideal platform to build up their international network among peers who face the same challenges,” says Kurt Walker, FINAT President. “Participating to educational events such as the YMC summit, brings an excellent foundation for the exchange of ideas, forges strong professional and personal relationships and helps contributing to the growth and success of their businesses.”

“The YMC members are passionate about the industry and their work, and passion is infectious in young businesses, as it is in life,” comments Dana Kilarska, newly appointed president of the YMC club and second generation label converter professional at Purgina, Slovakia.


More with less

This year’s theme ‘Great Ideas with Limited Resources’ reflects the current economic reality young industry managers are operating in. Having to accomplish more with limited resources requires a flexible business dynamic and new managerial skills. Buzz words such as innovation, creativity, optimization and leadership need to being turned into operational ‘excellence’.  How to design and implement and innovation strategy? How to transform an idea into a marketable product or service? This and many more inspirational and educational guidance will be provided during the summit.