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Growing Turkey and its Packaging Industry

akif_tatlisu_resimTurkish printing industry draws a parallel growth line with the global markets. The stagnation of the commercial printing reflects on the markets, while the conventional printing market seems to be maintaining its balance. This balance is mostly due to the packaging industry. As this part of the industry shows a fast growth and the regional advantage gives Turkey the upper hand. The Packaging Industry Report of the ASD (Packaging Industrialists Association of Turkey) for 2014 makes this very clear. Here are some of the highlights from the report:

Global packaging industry

“It is estimated that the global packaging industry will reach a turnover of 820 billion US dollars in 2016 (Source: Pira International). Especially with contribution from the developing regions, it is predicted that the annual growth will be around 3%. The growth will usually be in paper/ board/ corrugated board and rigid plastic packaging industries. It is also forecast that by 2016, increase of 40 billion USD and 33 billion USD will be seen in the above industries, respectively.

The total market for paper/board/corrugated board constitutes the majority of the global packaging industry with a growth of 210 billion USD in 2010. According to a survey by Pira, this segment will continue its leading position in 2015 and reach a size of 250 billion USD.”

Growth numbers in Turkey

“The printing industry increased its production in 2013 by 8% and reached 6,9 million tons. The turnover on the other hand rose by 15% to 16,2 billion dollars. The industry grew by 15% since 2011. 88 tons of paper packaging were produced in 2013, 568 thousand and 1,879 thousand tons were produced in board packaging and corrugated board, respectively.’

Export on the rise

“The packaging industry export exceeded 3,6 billion USD compared to 2013 values. Furthermore, it has to be remembered that many goods are exported packed, which is another form of export for packaging. The packaging industry export increased by 9% in terms of volume and by 17% in terms of value.’

Export markets

“Region-wise, EU, Middle East, North Africa, Caucasia and the Balkans are the areas where we are strong. The products of the Turkish Packaging Industry are exported to 183 countries, most notably the EU ones. In 2013, Germany, Iraq, Britain, France, Iran, Holland, Azerbaijan, Israel and Russian Federation became top 10 export markets for Turkey’

Packaging consumption per person

“In 2012, the packaging per person was 190$/capita (population: 75,6 million) and in 2013, it was 210$/capita (population: 76,7 million). Plastic packaging consumption came in the first place with 122$/capital, followed by corrugated cardboard with 42 $/capita, cardboard packaging with 13 $/capita and paper packaging 2 $/capita. (2013).”