Mondi Introduces NextLiner

Mondi Introduces NextLiner ~ 02/08/2020

Mondi, has developed the world’s first sustainable polycoated kraft (PCK) paper release liner, which is being launched on a global scale. Such liners are indispensable to carry and protect pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) products, and currently are often discarded once the PSA products are used. Mondi’s NextLiner uses a recycled base paper with a coating made from renewable resources. Using recycled fibres and renewable materials can have a positive impact on the environmental footprint of NextLiner, used in graphic arts, tapes and other industrial applications.  

“Our goal is to be sustainable by design, so we have worked on innovating environmentally responsible NextLiners that support our customers’ sustainability goals. Using recycled fibres and renewable resins takes us one step closer to making the PSA supply chain more sustainable,” noted Stefan Schönberger, Head of Product Sustainability, Mondi Release Liner.  

Usage of release liners continues to grow - polyolefin coated paper consumption is around 9 billion m2 per year with a market share of 16% of the total release liner market (Source: AWA Annual Review Global Release Liner Market 2020) - which makes environmentally responsible alternatives in the sector all the more important. The launch of NextLiner is a first important step in the development of sustainable liners with more to come. Mondi is continually conducting research and development into more sustainable release liner alternatives (for PCK as well as paper- and film-based release liners) and recycling-related technologies as a part of the company’s commitment to contribute to a better world.

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