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NEXPRESS Platform = Powerful Performance

The newest additions to the NEXPRESS family-the KODAK NEXPRESS ZX3900 and ZX3300 Digital Production Color Presses-offer multiple enhancements to help you grow your business through an expanded range of unique, high-value applications; to control your costs by utilizing a variety of features; and manage your business risks through upgraded technology.

The NEXPRESS ZX Digital Production Color Presses include System software v16 , which provides a robust set of new tools that control image quality and maintain productivity by optimizing costs and uptime. These include:


  • An Ink Estimating Tool,which estimates the CMYK color model and all specialty inks used in a print job.
  • Spot Color Recipes,which allow printers to create unique color blends for clients and save them for future orders.
  • A new Production Dashboard, allowing users to monitor the activity, consumables and performance of their NEXPRESS System on a handheld device.
  • Automated Data Export, providing periodic data on press production details for integrations with external MIS systems.
  • NEXPERT Operator Support, a fully featured operator support and diagnostic system based on HTML5, allowing for fast and responsive operator access with no Java-related security or performance restrictions.

White-Collage_CreditLineThe NEXPRESS ZX Digital Production Color Presses also include new capabilities to expand the range of print applications:

  • NEXPRESSOpaque White Dry Ink , complementary to the nine specialty inks currently available, it delivers 20% higher opacity in a single pass compared to multiple passes on competitive presses.  Additionally, with its Digital Front End functionality, the Auto White Blend option gives the color matched perception of white ink being applied under the CMYK inks on colored substrates, even though the white dry ink is applied in the 5th station. These advantages result in increased productivity and higher quality short run production for applications such as packaging, signage, labels and invitations.
  • NEXPRESSSubstrate Expansion Kit, support for select heavy paperboard stocks of up to 24pts/610 microns and select heavy weight synthetic stocks of up to 14 mils (Available 2017).
  • Support for sheet lengthsof up to 48 in./1219 mm (available 2017).

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