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Pigment Reklam

Pigment Reklam Carries the Success One Step Further

Pigment Reklam Carries the Success One Step Further

Closing 2017 by attending FESPA Eurasia Pigment Reklam, continues to take steps supporting the growth in the industry. Newly launched Nyala LED contributes greatly to companies in order to create added value.

Pigment Reklam outstanding with UV and UV LED printers, RIP software, digital cutting machines and consumables they are offering to the Turkish printing industry, left the FESPA Eurasia 2017 organized in December fairly satisfied. Pigment Reklam’s booth in the Hall 4 attracted much attention with their first time launch of Nyala LED in the Turkish market.

Pigment Reklam Owner Serkan Çağlıyan

Pigment Reklam owner Serkan Çağlıyan said they have attended FESPA Eurasia 2017 with a concept focused on the advantages of digital printing and its potential and he went on recording the success of the 2 Nyala LED that worked continuously during the exhibition. Çağlıyan said; “FESPA Eurasia is a very important show for us. Because we demonstrated the flagship brand of swissQprint’s new generation UV LED printer series Nyala LED here for the first time. Tearing the industrial printing stereotypes with its flexibility and efficiency Nyala LED was very successful in gaining the attention of the visitors. We demonstrated that various printing opportunities can be obtained in industrial production.”

Nyala LED brought a new perspective to industrial printing

With 206m2/h maximum efficiency Nyala LED offers the highest quality with 9 freely adjustable colour channel. 3.2x2m wide flatbed printer optionally makes roll to roll printing possible as well. UV lamps are all time ready for printing, so you don’t lose time waiting for it to heat up. With its UV lamps having the same lifetime as the machine, Nyala LED is user friendly and does not require maintenance.

Serkan Çağlıyan mentioned that the visitors personally witnessed the technical superiority of Nyala LED during FESPA Eurasia. Describing the difference this printer is creating in the market with its rich colour palette including green and orange, Çağlıyan emphasized the printer being irreplaceable for printing applications requiring added value. Çağlıyan also pointed out to Nyala LED’s success in sharp details on various sized prints during the exhibition.

We met our goals in FESPA Eurasia 2017

Reminding they have attended every exhibition since the first FESPA exhibition in 2013, Serkan Çağlıyan addressed the growth in Turkish digital printing industry. “Whilst the industry is growing, these kind of exhibitions carries a great importance for innovative solutions.” Çağlıyan continued as; “We monitored an increased number of visitors compared to last year. At least for us it was a higher amount. Since we focused on Nyala LED we gave pretty clear messages to the visitors. We were extremely happy with decision makers and administrative level visitors. Because we wanted to show our solutions to professionals and we have successfully achieved that goal.”

Çağlıyan described digital printing professionals, signage professionals, event firm representatives and representatives of promotion firms among their visitors. Highlighting the majority of visitors were from the Turkish printing industry, Çağlıyan also mentioned visitors from abroad. Stating a booming market around Turkey, Çağlıyan said they had visitors from Iran, Middle East, Balkans and the Caucasus Region.

Printing industry is growing as well while Turkey is growing 11%

Stating that Turkey had an 11% growth in the Q3 of 2017, Serkan Çağlıyan mentioned machine investments had an important share in this record growth. Saying that SME-like firms have a big place in the digital printing industry and they are very agile in decision making compared to bigger companies Serkan Çağlıyan continued as; “In a competition heavy environment agile decision making is an important success factor. Agile decision making firms are in a much more advantageous position against increasing costs and changing market/exchange relations. Firms that do not lose that agility while growing goes one step further. As Pigment Reklam we are trying to contribute on the institutionalisation of the industry.”

Reminding their expectations are still not clear since the beginning of 2017, Serkan Çağlıyan recorded a medium term positive vision due to non-existing negative developments during the year. Çağlıyan; “As the digital printing industry offers printing solutions for other industries, we are directly affected by the growth and shrinkage of those markets. I can say that we have seen a stir in the way of growth for the whole year. Compared to 2016, we have monitored a serious increase in machine sales.”

Telling that they have a higher hope for 2018, Serkan Çağlıyan said that they will be busy installing machines due to the contracts signed throughout the 2017. Next year, related to the growth both in domestic market and the markets abroad, Çağlıyan forecasted a growth in digital printing industry; “In order to realize this growth expectation, as Pigment Reklam, we are going to continue supporting the industry. We will continue to be there for the industry 24/7 with sales and pre and after sales services. In 2018, we expect an increase in the brand power of our flagship swissQprint’s UV and UV LED printing solutions, bullmer’s digital cutting machines, Caldera RIP software and other brands we are representing.”

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