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Print on its way into a new dimension

drupa trend reports and drupa barometers to illuminate the international print industry

Between now and drupa 2016, drupa will be carrying out a series of global surveys for the international print industry to research how print may best adapt to the huge and fundamental changes that are taking place in the communications market. These reports will provide a means to detect and assess trends and market potential, themes and innovations – on an international level and across most markets. “In view of the fundamental structural changes in the print industry, current and comprehensive information and market data are more important than ever. As a key partner of the print industry, drupa will support the market proactively in this way,” says Werner M. Dornscheidt, President & CEO of Messe Düsseldorf, explaining this new project initiated by the world’s most important trade fair for the sector. “With these new tools we can provide our exhibitors and the industry as a whole with important new insights thereby delivering vital information for strategic decision-making.”


The results of this trend surveys will be published in the form of drupa trend reports at A total of four issues of the drupa trend report covering vital themes are planned between now and 2016. In the first drupa trend report published in the Spring 2014, drupa will examine the challenging impact of the Internet for print service providers worldwide as well as the opportunities that the Internet now offers for the industry. Regional differences will be analysed and evaluated. The participating panel to be surveyed will be recruited from the incomparable visitor database of drupa 2012. The top decision-makers among the drupa visitors will receive their invitation to participate in the online survey by e-mail over the next few weeks.


In addition to the drupa trend reports the drupa barometer will track key trends over time across the whole print industry. Here, too, selected visitors who attended drupa 2012 will be requested to take part in the online survey by e-mail. The results of this research will also be published four times over the next few years on alternating with the drupa trend reports. The first barometer will be published in the beginning of 2014 and the last barometer is planned for publication during drupa 2016.


Messe Düsseldorf has commissioned the independent print consultancy, Printfuture/UK and the market research company, Wissler & Partner/Switzerland to carry out these trend surveys. “I am glad to have these expert partners on board. Printfuture has outstanding technical and analytical expertise in the print industry; Wissler & Partner is our longstanding and proven partner for Messe Düsseldorf’s exhibitors and visitors surveys. Furthermore, I expect these results to also produce concrete, valuable information for the strategic development of drupa,” said Werner M. Dornscheidt in conclusion.



Printfuture is a leading global print industry consultancy and publisher. Its mission is to leverage the importance and value of print in today’s multichannel world. It helps printers adapt to the challenging market changes; it helps suppliers communicate more effectively with their customers so as to assist them in those changes; it helps the end users of print better understand how to get value out of the essential print constituent of their communications strategy.


It provides research, information, consultancy, content, training, and speakers to meet these needs. The Printfuture team, the Print Tribe, is a unique collective of print specialists that are all well respected in their own fields and have held senior management and technical positions in the industry. Their unparalleled industry experience, practical knowledge, technical expertise and global network of contacts create great value for clients (