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FESPA Eurasia 2017

Printing Industry Will Achieve Its Targeted Growth With FESPA Eurasia 2017

Increasing its participant and visitor count by 18% to date, FESPA Eurasia shows dominance in the region being the best event in wide format printing, textile printing and signage. The show will reopen its doors for the fifth time in December for innovation, sectoral growth and better profits.

FESPA Eurasia proved being the ideal platform for technological innovation, premiers and new business set-ups in wide format printing, screen printing, textile printing and signage with four successful shows in the past. The show, which will take place for the fifth time in CNR Expo, between the dates of 7 – 10 December 2017, with the motto ‘Dare to Be Different’.


FESPA Eurasia Regional Sales Manager Betül Binici

FESPA Eurasia has first been organized in 2013 with ARED’s partnership and was successfully accepted by the wide format printing industry in Asia region in a short amount of time. Expressing that participant and visitor counts have increased by 18% to date, FESPA Eurasia Regional Sales Manager Betül Binici emphasized the exhibition being organized by the industry for the industry and this brought the success.

Binici; “FESPA Eurasia, including all the wide format printing, textile printing and signage segments, invests all the revenue into sectoral projects in order to develop the printing and signage industry and brings local and global brands together on the same platform. We thank everybody involved in the success story and sector professionals who were with us by attesting our cause.”

Preparations for FESPA Eurasia 2017 are at full steam

Countdown for FESPA Eurasia 2017 has started. Preparations are hectic for the exhibition which increased its target for participant and visitor counts. Preparations are underway as planned and stand sales are going forward with great speed says Betül Binici, also mentioning the online registration has started; “You can register from our website in order to experience the event to its fullest without waiting on registration queues when the event time comes. You can also obtain interesting information until the event starts.”

Binici said they have shaped their marketing process according to the feedback from previous events and the surveys they have realized this year, and described the demand from the region as; “we work extensively with countries such as Iran, Bulgaria, Croatia, Russia, Ukraine and UAE apart from our work domestically. Printing industry gives the signs of reaching a higher potential in regional market’s İstanbul meeting. The sector will achieve its targeted growth with FESPA Eurasia 2017.”

Real visitor counts are important for the industry

FESPAVisitor count has always been important for the exhibitions. But the business volume created by a high visitor traffic is much more important for the participants. With this in mind FESPA Eurasia employs a different way of estimation. Registered visitors are counted once. This means their re-entries are not included in the count. Participants and FESPA organization members are also not counted. This gives the absolute and real visitor count. Betül Binici reminded that individual visitor count was 8,232 for FESPA Eurasia 2016.

Binici emphasizes to visitor profile/quality; “81% of previous years FESPA Eurasia visitors were company owners, had administrative/managing roles or were managers involved in decision making processes. Same survey results showed the total purchase budget of the visitors as 1,6 billion Euros. Despite the previous year’s social and economical difficulties experienced domestically we have observed an increase in the purchasing budgets compared to the previous year. We are expecting another increase in this year’s budget with the surplus of investments that will be realized this year.”

FESPA Eurasia 2017 will be a unique experience for both the visitors and the participants with its rich event calendar. Besides free textile and signage seminars, Eurasia Wrap Competitions will be held. Winner in this contest will be able to participate in the World Wrap Masters Competition in Berlin FESPA Digital 2018. Visitors will be able to freely learn about the applications in textile printing and signage areas throughout the exhibition.

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