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Umur Goes for Xeikon… Again!

Umur_X3500_WVMXeikon 3500 installed inline with a Web Varnishing Module

The Umur Group, founded in 1988 and headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, is a leading manufacturer of the printing industry. The group offers optimum solutions through its production, service and warehousing facilities on an area of 120.000 m² in Dudullu Organized Industrial Zone of Istanbul and its printing houses located in Ankara, Izmir, Antalya and Kocaeli.

Thanks to its knowledge and experience of 26 years along with its wide sales and distribution network, Umur addresses local and international customers individually with customized services and products in areas of digital and commercial printing, business documents, paper roll products, promotional products, labels, packaging, medical papers, journals and magazines.

Umur installed their first Xeikon engine in 2010, a Xeikon 6000, and three basysPrint UV-Setters since then. Their continuous trust in Xeikon technology and the recent investment in the Xeikon 3500, vouch for a fruitful and a long lasting relationship with Xeikon.

Through the establishment of a new company UBB (Umur Basim Bilisim – Umur Printing Technologies), dedicated in digital operations, and with the Xeikon 3500 at the core of this business, the goal of Umur Group is to extend its range of applications in the growing markets of labels and folding carton and to serve the sectors of food, health and beauty, pharmaceutical and industrial products.

Mr. Alp Hepkarabelli, General Manager at UBB, comments: “The need of labels and packaging products printed digitally has vastly increased. Our team is eager to make the most of the possibilities that digital production can offer. The benefits of the Xeikon technology, offered by the ICE toner and the FDA compliance, will allow us to extend our product offerings to various markets and applications.”

With the Xeikon ICE toner, Umur can print jobs on heat sensitive PE and direct thermal label substrates, and also benefit from the specific dry toner advantages offered by Xeikon: 1200 dpi quality, superb productivity, high lightfastness, flexibility to print on conventional substrates without the need to use a primer and a superb one-pass opaque white. Xeikon’s dry toner technology meets all the applicable FDA guidelines for direct and indirect food contact, the Isega standards and the latest Nestlé guidelines for food packaging. Adding the higher productivity and cost efficiency of the Xeikon 3500 press, Umur has aimed at the top.

The newly developed Web Varnishing Module was installed together with the Xeikon press, an extremely versatile unit that can apply UV varnish on one side of a wide range of substrates, including self-adhesive label materials, coated papers, unsupported films and coated paper board. One of the big advantages of the new inline module is that the operator can see the results immediately and can make any corrections, if required, in order to achieve the desired effect. This eliminates the high expense and job delays when varnishing is done off-line and the entire job has to be reprinted if the end result is not acceptable. The unit can be upgraded with an aqueous dryer and can also be ordered to apply spot varnish.

Umur has performed extensive benchmarks on the Xeikon press before making the decision to the investment. The convincing results of the new toner and the capabilities of the Xeikon 3500 answered the requirements of Umur and its existing customers, who provided a very positive feedback.

“We opted for Xeikon because of the quality and reliability of its machines and the excellent support”, added Mr. Alp Hepkarabelli. “Our good working relationship with Xeikon and the high-performance of its digital presses ensure our goal to provide services and products in multiple value added applications with quality and versatility”.