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By Winning 4 Prizes This Year Korsini Increased The Collection of Awards


On the 19th of June, Korsini received 4 of the 13 IMDA Awards during the international 2017 IMDA Symposium at Marriot Resort in Lincolnshire, Illinois / USA.

The jury of 11th Annual IMDA (In Mold Decorating Association ) Awards Competition, decided Korsini, worthy of honoring for 3 Gold, 1 Silver prizes, which are Best Injection Molded Durable(IMD) Part – Gold Award, Best Product Family – Gold Award, Best Injection Molded (IML) Package – Silver Award and for the second consecutive year the Best Label Design – Gold Award.

What is IMDA?

IMDA(In Mold Decorating Association) is an organization of molders, printers, material suppliers and equipment manufacturers, which are committed to the development and growth of in-mold decorating products, technologies and markets.

The Winner Products

Best Injection Molded (IML) Package, Silver for Vibs & Wöw Oxo Barrier IML Container SuperLock® Pots

This packaging solution is a combination of an injection and autoclave-resistant, oxygen barrier IML labeled pot and injection molded twist lock system lid decorated with a standard IML label.  The system’s most important features are the autoclave-resistant oxygen barrier properties which protect the product’s organoleptic characteristics, the pot´s transparency which shows the natural and fresh product´s quality at the final sales point and the easy opening and closing system for the end user. Convenience food products stay fresh far longer in the RPC’s SuperLock® pot. The combination of Korsini ’s autoclave resistant oxygen barrier IML on all surfaces and a membrane seal with O2 barrier properties ensures an almost non-existent oxygen transmission rate. By using RPC Superfos’ plastic packaging with Korsini’s In-Mold labelling, the product can be fully branded on all surfaces for an attractive and excellent look. Increased shelf life makes this package competitive with products in glass jars.

Best Product Family, Gold for Pauluns & Lovemade Oxo Barrier IML Container SuperLock® Pots

Delicious baby food and soups packed in plastic packaging solutions with oxygen barrier protection. Thanks to RPC Superfos’ re-closeable SuperLock® solution, ambient shelf life of up to 24 months is possible for a wide range of products including baby food, ready meals, soups, sauces, nuts, jams, vegetable spreads and pickles. The SuperLock® solution in combination with Korsini-SAF’s autoclave resistant oxygen barrier labels allows for post filling sterilization up to 120° C for 80 minutes, decoration flexibility and prolonged shelf life, all of which gives a great advantage for commercial purposes. You can choose to have decorations made anywhere on all surfaces and also decide to leave some space undecorated for transparency. The end-user gets the visual impression and feel of glass – as well as all the great properties of plastic. This means it is possible to get a product placement in retail stores under ambient temperatures alongside competing products sold in glass. And like glass products, the pot can be re-used at home multiple times, which adds value to the product.

Best Injection Molded Durable (IMD) Part, Gold for Telescopic Cylinder Cover for Industrial Trucks

This award winning IMD part is a Dust Cover for Front End Telescopic Cylinders used on industrial trucks. HYVA required a replacement for the older silk screen low quality print labels with a more attractive resistant Cover, made to withstand both extreme weather conditions, with superior UVA and abrasion resistance. Molder Guarnitec SRL answered this challenging request making the Cover visually more attractive with Korsini ’s two-layer high resistant label, adding a strong reflecting silver band behind the logo. The end result is increased visual and functional quality with decreased production time.

Best Label Design, Gold for Düfa Zeolit Paint Bucket

This is not standard paint bucket for mineral paint. Everything about it is unusual, starting with its well balanced industrial-size oval shape with integrated handle that’s easy to hold for larger hands. While graphics are simple, they’re also elegant in shades of gray with spot UV coating that adds to the premium quality complemented by an artistic burst of color.

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